Monday, 2 May 2016

8am At No Frills

The fridge part of our refrigerator isn't working and I can't seem to keep food. It actually goes bad faster in the fridge cause I think it is sitting at a warmer/worse temperature than the counter. Either way that is really messing with my plans. I went to the grocery store on the way into work today to stock up on food for lunch that I can keep in the fridge there for the week. The No Frills around the corner opens at 8am.

There were a lot of interesting characters shopping at that time, including fire-fighters! They must have split up their list between teams to do the shopping because there was only one fire truck in the parking lot but I ran across a few groups. There were a bunch loading cleaning supplies into the truck one I got there. Inside, I saw one pushing a cart filled with cases of Gatorade. Then two walked passed me discussing the merits of different types of lettuce.

Besides being around a bunch of fire-fighters in uniform, which is super cool, grocery shopping that early in the morning is pretty nice since the store is stocked and empty.

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