Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Story Of A Hole

Like the great 'photo essays' that came before (Tigers, Toddy, Posts from Paris)  I want to tell you a story, and I am going to do so with pictures...

So, Jason and I have purchased a house.
It has many great aspects but needs some renovations.
Let's follow the path of one of the smaller ones.
One we did ourselves...

So, in the Master Bedroom, during our inspection:
What is hiding behind that big dresser?
And that mirror on the wall behind?

Oh, it is a really really old AC unit!
In a built-in hole in the wall, great.

(Makes sense though, you can see it from the outside.)
There is it, between the two windows for the Master Bedroom.
Yes, the smaller of those two windows is in a closet.
I don't understand it either.

Thankfully Uncle Dabo (Dave/David) came with Aunty Nicky.
He helped Jason brainstorm and build a solution.
First they had to address the heat loss issue:
The hole around the unit got packed with insulation.
We 'borrowed' the insulation from our contractor.
Our basement is full of cool building supplies at the moment.
The green bit to the right is a piece of tape.
This is how I leave requests for people at the house.
That one was asking that the electricians remove the outlet.
They did, the hole has no live wiring anymore.

Next they cut the piece of paneling we bought.
Electric circular saw didn't hold charge well.
This part took the longest.

Afterwards though it looked great:
Adjustments were made and it fit perfectly.
Literally seamless after I added a bit of wood filler.
(Painting has started in the Master Bedroom,
it will be light grey, goodbye hole, goodbye yellow!)

Check out the Before and After:
(I will post another when the painting is finished.)
Massive massive thank you to my uncle for coming by (twice).
This wasn't the only thing he helped with.
We are so grateful for the expertise and assistance!!

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