Tuesday, 1 March 2016

So Many Milestones!

Today was a big day! Here is the list of the three big things that happened: Rings, Keys, and Fries! As I explained a while ago, Jason and I made our wedding rings at a metal workshop. I was leaving mine there to get them to adjust the shape since I didn't want a ring-shaped ring. The chevron style is the only type that I have ever liked on my hands. I got a call this morning that the jeweler had made the adjustment and the ring was ready to be picked up. Jason came and picked me up from work and we went over to get it. I love it so much, it fits perfectly and looks great.

After picking up the ring we needed to pick up the keys to Casa Verde. We closed today on our first house - such an overwhelming thought. We then hung out at the empty house for the evening and had a locksmith switch the keys for us. This is the new set, sitting on one of the pretty antique furnace grates:

Lastly, I broke my 'french fry fast' this evening when we celebrated the new house by eating Fish and Chips from a local place. In fact the owner welcomed us to the neighbourhood and offered to lend us tools. It will be dangerous having his shop (delicious food) so close, luckily it closes at 7 on most days so we won't make it home in time to eat there. We enjoyed our dinner sitting on the floor in our new dining room!
I had vowed to not eat a french fry until my wedding in September. I made this promise in May last year and have held true until tonight - that is 10 months!! Getting the house is such a big deal that it felt worthy of a fry-having-celebration. I have returned to my vow, though intend to also break it in June this year if Rob and Andrea decide to do a poutine bar at their wedding, until then no fries for me, and after that, no fries until September 24th.


Janelle said...

Congratulations! So many milestones and such a very exciting time.
Also enjoy the fries. All of the fries. Even with soft serve ice cream.

Jennifer Nuttall said...

Yay!!! Congrats on all of it! Can't wait to see the house. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love that fried potatoes made the same list as keys to first home and wedding rings lol
All very celebratory occasions! Congrats!!!
Love T

Jannedals said...

Chris unbelievable!! So much going on in your life, Im so excited for you!! Your DIY stuff to me looks incredibly fatiguing, although the end result seems always to be worth it. I wish I had the energy you do to put into things. You Erin and I need a 3-way skype date like YESterday. Love you!! -Farineau

Erin said...

Congrats! Such an exciting time for you both- the ring is lovely!