Wednesday, 2 March 2016

New Blood Campaign

I have been a long time advocate of blood and organ donation. Ever since I have had a driver's license I have been a registered organ donor. However, it took me a bit longer to donate blood. My first trip to Canadian Blood Services was with JennB in 2010, and I am ever grateful to her for dragging my 25-year-old scared little self to the clinic and kick starting the next 6 years of fairly regular visits.

Since I travel, and get low iron, and got a tattoo, there have been quiet a few visit where I have been ineligible to donate - but I still go, mainly because it seems easier to go and get rejected so that they stop calling me. Having O- blood makes me highly desirable, in the eyes of Canadian Blood Services at least.

I don't have time to type up a convincing "you should go donate" post at the moment but you should! Also, there is a new app for your cell phones that makes finding clinics and booking appointments super easy and convenient - I love it! They also have new branded band-aids for afterwards, check out the photo of my arm from my donation last week!


Cyndy said...

You tell them you were in South America?

Christine Sweeton said...

Yes. There was a map of Peru and I had to point to the places I went to, I didn't go into the "yellow" risk area so was cleared to donate.

Cyndy said...

That's good!