Thursday, 31 March 2016

Not Quite Right

Our garage is getting new electrical done, to bring it to code and bring more light to the property. We have added two external lights onto it. The first in the front, above the car door, that will hopefully light the driveway. The second is beside the 'man door' as my mom calls them, which will give light to the backyard. (We had exterior lights added to the side and back of the house too.)

Jason and I went out to buy the various interior and exterior light fixtures that were needed for the renovation. We brought some from Rrunuv Bayit, some where already at Casa Verde, but the addition of fixtures and general ugliness of some that were here - meant shopping!!

We hadn't really noted the type of space available for the exterior light beside the 'man door' of the garage. We labeled all the boxes with their locations and left them for the electricians to install. We returned a few days later to this...which doesn't really look quite right...
They have since fixed the issue by switching it with one of the other exterior lights we purchased, that was designed to hang downwards. (Unfortunately it isn't a sensor one now, which is what we had wanted in this spot.)


Sweeton said...

This is what happens when you are not there. When we built the cottage we bought a special light to go in the shower. We were one short on the pot lights to go upstairs, so the electrician just put in the waterproof light. So then we had to go out and buy another waterproof one (and they are more expensive than the regular ones) for the shower.

Jason Woods said...

It's still not quite right! There is one switch for both exterior lights on the garage... and only one of those lights is a motion sensor light! Darn it!