Sunday, 13 March 2016

Casa Verde Colours - Upstairs

Jason and my bed is grey, so I thought I would use that colour on the walls as well in our bedroom. Casa Verda has a really big master bedroom, it stretch across the entire front of the house, except for the part that is the walk-in closet (that has a window in it for some reason.) I like that the Blank Paper colour has a touch of green in it. I had been considering putting a forest green on one of the walls but with the size of the room and the amount of furniture it would have been to much. The subtle grey is a better choice.

I couldn't find a good room on the Colour Visualizer to represent the office so I am just going to show the three colours that will be used. It is the same two pale ones from the bedroom but adding a really nice deep grey as well. I hope to do some type of painted geometric design with them but I am waiting to discuss that with Aunty Nicky.

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Sweeton said...

All of your colours have a nice peaceful feel and flow together well.