Monday, 1 February 2016

Would You Rather - Sick Edition

Which would you rather have this winter?

FLU - Two weeks, very ill, throat pain, vomiting, achy, fever, 5-6 days off work - My boss had this and is still recovering, it sounds awful. I am very glad to have gotten my flu shot, but that only protects from some of the flu viruses out there.

COLD Three weeks, quite sick, sore throat, running nose, headache, fever, 1-2 days off work - I am home from work today dealing with a bad cold. It has been coming and going over the last week or so. Some days are better than others but days with a lot of sinus pressure are killer.

COUGH Three months, not well, dry/scratchy throat, sore muscles and joints, constant coughing, very tired, no days off work - Steph gets this every year. It starts with a couple of really sick days and then just hangs around as a cough/cold for the rest of the winter. I don't know how she deals with it, it would wear me down so much.

Leave your 'choice' in the comments.


Christine Sweeton said...

Obviously I don't want any of these three and take both multivitamins and the flu shot to try to avoid getting sick. However, I hate throwing up so much that the flu is absolute the worst and I don't think that I could handle the soreness that comes with having a longstanding cough. So I guess I am 'lucky' to be dealing with the cold. Especially since Kristen shared the wonder that is Advil Cold and Sinus, which isn't a cure but does make the pain manageable.

Anonymous said...

I am boycotting making a choice about this because I think by doing so I am tempting to universe to prove me wrong! lol
Hope you feel better :)
Love T

Sweeton said...

So sorry you have either, or any, I refuse to choose (same theory as T and wont tempt fate).

Anonymous said...

I will choose. I'd go with the cold since it is a shorter time period than the cough but less painful than the flu. There's nothing I have more than being nauseous!

Fingers crossed I don't get any this winter. So far so good...

- Teri

Meghan van Asseldonk said...

Between the 6 of us we have had all three with each of us having at least two of the above. This translates into Mark and I taking 4 days off work each on days that we are not I'll and working through our worst days? I can't wait for this weird winter to end.