Sunday, 7 June 2015

Where I Get It From - Face Edition

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

It was hard to figure out which parts of my face I inherited from each parent and I think I might be off on some of them. I used this picture of Mom and this one of Dad, along with a combination of my memory and what people have told me in the past about looking like them.

Skin Colour: My Mom
(Dad's skin was pink/peach, but my mom and I have the green/yellow undertone that is very Mediterranean. It is 'olive skin tone' if you are looking for something nicer and I don't know how we got it seeing that we are quite British.)
Skin Texture: My Dad
(I don't have to care for it much and I tend to be able to avoid major breakouts. Also just my nose gets freckles, which was like him.)
Eyebrows: Maybe My Dad
(Neither of my parent's eyebrows are as thick, as big, as course, or as dark as mine.)
Eyelashes: My Dad
(My brother and I both got his long lashes.)
Eye Shape: I Think My Dad
(I think this is more difficult to tell, it might not really be from either. In fact I always thought the shape was closer to my Aunty Nicky's.)
Eye Colour: My Dad
(Mum has blue eyes, which are awesome. I have boring brown ones like Dad.)
Nose: My Dad
(The 'Joynes Nose' on my mom's side has a reputation for being quite large. So part of me is glad to have missed that. However, both Mike and I have Dad's nose, which has a very thin bridge at the top.)
Lips: Both Parents
(My mom's smile is nice and wide like mine, but my lips are more full, which is similar to my dad.)
Face Shape: My Mom
(Both my mom and I have oval faces. We also have a well defined chin, though you can only notice it on me when I am thinner.)

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