Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Forgetful Spin

Last night I had to do a spin class without socks. I was worried that my feet would be gross or that I would get blisters, but it was fine. Normally I would buy a pair of little cycling ankle socks from the studio but I had my most forgetful spin ever last week and had to buy a pair then - couldn't justify doing it two weeks in a row.

The Most Forgetful Spin
(Last Monday)
It is hard for me to go and work out on a Monday evening at the best of times, let alone when I forget SO many things! But I powered through and am glad I did. Here's what I had to deal with:
No Sports Bra - Both of the ports bras that I wear to spinning were dirty and seeing that it was laundry day I wanted to leave them at home to get clean. I made the decision that it would be okay to go in my normal (padded, push-up) bra this one time. So I didn't forget this, it was a conscious choice but it ended up getting compounded with a lot of others.
No Shoes - I realized this on my way to spinning after work. Sitting on the streetcar I remembered that I had taken my running shoes out of my workout bag because they were still wet from Ride For Heart. I wanted to give them the day to dry. I then forgot to put them back in my bag when I left work. Luckily the studio has tons of special clip-in bike shoes that people borrow and all the bikes have the clippy-things on the reverse side of the peddle. I figured I would just try that out this time.
No Socks - I often forget socks, at least four other times. I know this because that is approximately how many pairs of specialty bike socks I have, which I buy from the studio every time I forget to bring a pair. When I noticed in the change room that I hadn't packed any I wasn't that bothered by the thought of picking up another $15 pair. The socks are great and I use them all the time. I also hadn't forgotten in a while so hadn't needed to buy any in a long time.
No Athletic Shirt - I technically remembered to bring a proper tank top to work out in (I think it was a Nike one.) However, I hadn't ever wore it with a normal bra and upon putting it on the see-through-ness was pretty intense. I guess it doesn't matter when my sports bras are brightly coloured little crop-tops that look like a bathing suit top, but it did matter when wearing a normal blue bra with bumpy black lace. I decided I would be more comfortable in the basic cotton tank top (cami) that I had worn to work. I haven't done that since very very early on with my spinning - they are too warm and gross when wet.
No Contacts - The little container that I had brought with me, complete in a little ziplock so that the solution doesn't get all over my workout bag, turned out to be empty. No contacts in it, no solution either, can't believe I didn't notice. That meant doing the class with my glasses on.
No Water Bottle - This is a regular issue. I often forget, though usually remember in time to text Tessa to ask her to bring me a spare one (which I bought to keep at her house just for these occasions.) Tessa responded to my request reminding me that I had taken the spare home by accident a few weeks earlier. She will nicely share her's with me during class when I am in this predicament. Tessa is an excellent workout pal and if it wasn't for her - this huge list of forgotten items would have probably caused me to walk out and skip that class that day.

My First Forgetful Spin
(Months Ago)
The list above isn't actually my most forgetful spin. I once made it all the way to spin class without my workout bag, meaning I was wearing work clothes and only had my purse with me. I was also ready to walk away from doing class that day. But my spinning studio is amazing! The instructors are so friendly and helpful. They really encouraged me not to skip the class and tried to find a way for me to join Jason and Tessa on the bikes. The Manager explained the clip-style shoes and got me fitted to use them for the first time. The owner lent me a sports bra and offered me her own pants (which would have never fit) but I decided my pants were a stretchy enough type of jean to bike it. They then found my a promo t-shirt. It really appreciated their support to help me keep with my fitness goals.

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