Thursday, 14 May 2015

TB - February 2007

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I had been worried that the coming Throwback months were going to be upsetting. In fact I avoided doing this feature last week because I didn't want to read about that time in my life. It looks like the February was a calm before the storm. I really loved the classes I was taking, it was one of my better semesters, in terms of enjoyment of the material.

Noted Post: Birth Order - I remember pieces of the night I am describing in this post. I definitely remember Anna talking about videos of her and her sister as kids. A councilor Jason and I have been seeing mentioned birth order a couple of weeks ago, as it relates to relationships. It is an interesting concept to consider, but it really is only one factor in the context of a million others. (The fact that I am an oldest and Jason is a youngest is supposedly good.)

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Anonymous said...

I remember this time well, good and bad. Looking back can be scary but I think it's well worth it to revisit memories with new eyes and new understanding. :)
Thanks for the throwback xo