Friday, 15 May 2015

5 Words

The last few places that I have worked, I have kept a post-it note taped to the bottom of my screen with words that I regularly misspell. (Since my spelling is so weak.)

At the LVBIA
The post-it note was pretty small during my time at the Liberty Village BIA. I was mainly using email and word processing, so both had very good spell check functions that corrected words I was spelling wrong. However, I did need to put two words up on the post-it: Councillor and Strachan. Both would always appear with the little red line denoting incorrect spelling, however the 'councillor' I was usually writing about was a Toronto City Councillor. Strachan is the name of a street in the area. It is not pronounced Strachan (despite Steph frequently telling taxi drivers to take her there.) It pronounced is 'strawn' but spelt crazy.

I am posting today because my list taped to the bottom of one of my computer screens (yes, I have two monitors here, it is awesome) reached 5 words today. I was sad when I needed to upgrade to the normal size square post-it. away from the tiny rectangle one that I used when there were only 2 words I needed to reference. For the most part, I need these words written out because I am in spreadsheets that don't have the little red line style of spelling correction so I never know for sure if I have things spelt right until I run a full spell check; which I do before presenting the data, but not while I am working with it. In the case of 'colleague,' my spelling was always so far off that it wouldn't give me a correct option anyway. So, here is my 5 word list:

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