Friday, 8 May 2015

I Can Hear The Writing

I went to see a movie last night, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was written (and directed) by Joss Whedon, who is a very prolific screenwriter. He is one of the two screenwriters that I absolutely love watching - the other is Aaron Sorkin. I like them both because their characters and dialogue remind me of the best version of my friends. My friends at their funniest and my friends at their smartest.

Sorkin wrote The West Wing, A Few Good Men, and many more exciting TV and movie dramas. His style is fast and idealistic. When his characters speak (often in long monologues) they are intelligent to an almost academic level. It is flattering to not be pandered too, though some people claim that the speeches turn to lectures spouting Sorkin's ideals. I am idealistic, and my friends are smart. I hope that our serious talks and debates sound close to one of Sorkin's movies or shows, but that is a high standard to achieve.

Whedon also writes intelligent characters with quick wit and banter. The onscreen interactions seem natural and are often hilarious. I really love his style of writing. He brings humour and emotion to action movies and television. He wrote Buffy and Firefly, as well as the recent Avengers movies. The jokes last night had the whole audience laughing out loud in the theatre. The characters seem to be friends and Whedon shows real bonds and interactions that are instantly relatable. It reminds me of great times with my friends.

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