Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mom Is Home

My mom is back from her trip to Europe (France and Spain). I really missed her, it always feels like a long time. (This might be because it usually is a minimum of two months.) What was really nice this time was that we got into a bit of a routine talking in the mornings, which were her early afternoons. I would text that I was on the bus down to work and Mom would call me back.

In early March, one of our phone calls caught her during a walk. She sat down and talked for me a while. At one point she mentioned that the view was amazing and she would take a picture of it for me. She posted this on her blog:
With the caption: 
(Chris this is where I sat and talked to you on the phone for 20 minutes.)

I decided that I would also take a picture of my 'view' during our conversation:
It is really not the same at all:
Don't let the sunlight on the seat fool you
it was -15 Celsius!

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Sweeton said...

Great post Chris. Surprisingly enough I prefer my view to yours.