Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Talking Cure - Post 2 of 3

I was amazed at the number of responses that I got to sending people The Talking Cure article. So many people replied and wrote about their thoughts on the issue - some were quite lengthy emails. I can send a message to my closest of friends, about a party or some other fun activity, requesting an RSVP of some type, and I get less people responding.

One of the main things that I noticed was that people found the article long, which I warned them about by stating in the original email that it was Long Form, and many didn't finish it.

Here are some direct quotes about the length of the article (which I am keeping anonymous, since those that replied did not necessarily consent to being posted on Always Standing.)

Wow those New Yorker articles are long! I didn't quite finish  

thanks for the article. i didn't read the very end. 

I will admit that I ran out of time to read the whole article you sent but did get through half.

Very interesting article. Too long for me to read it in full right now but I got through a good chunk of it.

What was really impressive, was that despite the fact that most didn't finish it, everyone that responded had really interesting perspectives about the issue. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what people thought about what they had read.

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