Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Not This Month

I had been doing fairly well with my Work Week Goals. However, I have been no where close to putting effort into my appearance everyday. For the most part it had been 3 times a week or so. The most common thing would be to wear my hair down, or if not that, than throwing on some make-up once I got to my desk in the morning. I have been wearing necklaces a fair amount too.

The main reason that I have not been doing the 'put in contacts' option is that I am spinning three times a week - minimum. When I spin I wear contacts, so I have them in my eyes way more than I am used to anyway. Having them in for a full day plus a work out would be pretty drying and painful.

However, the main reason for this post is to say that February is not a month where I can put any effort into my appearance. Firstly, I need a hair cut and my amazing hair dresser tragically died over the Christmas break. I don't really have the time or energy to look for a new place right now. Also, when I wear my hair down, I am often coming to work with it wet - but Toronto has been so cold lately I don't want to do that. Lastly, my mood is a bit low.

I am lucky that spinning keeps my mood stable or I am sure I would be crashing. Jason and my friends are supportive and I have been working hard to eat well. After working out I have a bath, so that has been keeping me clean. I also did a nice little shopping trip with Mom in Edmonton and buffed up my winter work-clothes wardrobe so getting dressed in the morning has been pretty easy too. When the weather warms up and when I finally get a chance to go get my hair cut, I will start putting more effort into my appearance again.

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Sweeton said...

Hard to stay up and focused in February for anyone. I agree the spinning is really working for you.