Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nope, It's The Plugs

Last week, I posted about time zones being an issue when planning our attendance at tradeshows overseas. Nope! I realized a bigger challenge this week - in fact I think it is the first time I have encountered it - international electrical sockets. Why do so many countries have to be different!?! Normally this isn't a problem at all because we rent/build/buy everything in the specific country the show is being held. However, this time we are shipping a small booth from Canada, which means all the electrical parts have North American plugs, but the sockets will be quite different in the United Arab Eremites. In fact, the electrical current is different as well, so without a converter it could wreck our stuff. We do keep power converters and adapters in stock but there are just so many variations and combinations that we might need it doesn't cover all cases. Some of the types are really difficult to acquire as well. The challenges keep on coming - and I love it.


Sweeton said...

I hadn't thought of this, but, of course!

Glam Granola Geek said...

Hi Christine!! I'm adding you to my bloglovin account. Come to my blog at www.glamgranolageek.com!! (It's Sarah, I'm not a spammer haha)