Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Comparison In Brunch

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

Taylor was in town for Kristen's birthday. Today we did brunch out before heading to the mall to do some shopping, Tessa came too. We ended up going to eat at a place close to Rrunuv Bayit called Brunchworks, where, Kristen reminded me, we had been with my parents before. It made me think about the difference between my dad and I when it came to eating breakfast out.

Me: Between 10am and 3pm
Dad: Before 11am

Me: Toronto Brunch Specific: Boom, Brunchworks, or Cora's. Toronto Fancy Brunch: School or Mildred's Temple Kitchen. Toronto Restaurant: The Drake or Wychwood Pub.
Dad: Paris: Scott's Family Restaurant or Paris Country Grill. Brantford: Angel's or Kel's. Port Dover: The Port Dover Dairy Bar. Other: Any small town diner or locally owned family restaurant.

Me: Usually between $10 to $12, though at the fancy places it can be closer to $15 to $18. This usually doesn't include coffee, which is okay because I don't drink it.
Dad: Would like it to be under $5. Usually this includes coffee and despite also not being a coffee drinker, if it came with the breakfast than he would get a half cup to ensure he had his money's worth.

Me: Very happy when I can get the standard breakfast (eggs, meat, toast, and hash-browns) for under $10.
Dad: Thinks the above price is ridiculous.
Note: When my parents joined Kristen and I for breakfast once at Brunchworks, they found the $8 standard breakfast too expensive and chose to split it.

Me: At a fancy place the standard breakfast isn't an option, so I might get pancakes, french toast, or something more interesting. However, I prefer the standard breakfast: Eggs: poached super hard Toast: changes depending on how I am feeling. Meat: bacon. Drink: water.
Dad: The standard breakfastEggs: fried, over easy. Toast: rye, as long as there is no extra charge,. Meat: sausages, butterflied. Drink: water and, if it comes with it, half a cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

Me: I usually put jam on one or two pieces of toast. I will eat all the fruit, usually included as a small garnish, on the plate, though sometimes left the orange. I sometimes eat the lettuce leaf that is often also used as a garnish. I don't like baked beans.
Dad: Eats everything on his plate. Sometimes uses ketchup with his hash-browns. Puts pepper on everything.

Me: I often order the just eggs style breakfast since I don't really care about the meet that much. I also try as hard as I can not to eat all the hash-browns.
Dad: Rye bread because it tends to be healthier, for some reason. However, hash-browns were his favorite thing, he would judge the place on how good they were. He would eat all of them, and then often more from people (Mom and I) who didn't want to finish theirs.
Note: Mom also sometimes got the just eggs breakfast so as to not have the meat. She also always tried to not have the hash-browns, usually trying to get a substitution of sliced tomato or fruit.

We both love going out for breakfast. (Together and with others.) It always feels like a special treat.

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