Friday, 30 January 2015

A Great Ad Combo

I was a little slow to really look into 'programmatic marketing,' I think my Literature Masters took me away a bit from my Mass Communications roots. Of course at some level, I was aware of this type of campaign in digital marketing - I think we all are. Steph's work advertising Stephanie Beach Photography has dealt with this type, and it really is one of the key ways to create a targeted digital campaign. We will be moving towards this at work too - so I should be able to learn about it in much more detail.

A brief overview is that -in digital marketing, programmatic marketing campaigns are automatically triggered by any type of event and deployed according to a set of rules applied by software and algorithms. So, for example, if I owned a bakery I could set up a programmatic marketing campaign with a rule that had my ads appearing for a user (whose IP located them in Toronto) for a week after they had Googled "Cupcakes Toronto." My ads were then appear across multiple sites, connected to this triggered campaign. This is super noticeable with Facebook ads.

I love looking at what AdSense has posted for my 3 banner ads on Always Standing.
- In 2010, I talked about it twice
- Again in 2011
- Most recently in 2014

I used to assume that it was based on what I wrote - and in some cases that is true. AdSense does scan my content to post ads that match what I am talking about. However, ads also appear based on where that specific platform (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) has been/done. It is interesting to think - what did I click to get that?

Today's Ads (For Me) Are:
- Polysporn - about treating pink-eye (which I don't have)
- - about getting the best premium on my car insurance (which I don't have)
- Favor Mart - about choosing chair covers for my wedding reception (which I don't have)

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