Monday, 1 September 2014

September's Goal

We spent SO MUCH money last month (August). It is hard to figure out how; the weddings we attended were in July, the only trip we took was camping which was paid in advance, there was no expensive item purchases either. It was also a very flush month; with the way the weeks worked out, Jason got three pay cheques instead of two and I got paid from my new (higher paying) job as well. Basically it breaks down to food. I don't think we went grocery shopping once in August - which meant a lot of eating out, ordering in, or grabbing fast food. We weren't packing lunches so it meant buying things to eat at work too. It is worse than my cab addiction.

So, for September we are going to stop buying food that way. The only time we will eat out will be with friends and we will only buy food at work if there is a social event that requires it. No ordering in, no grabbing take out, and no fast food on the road.

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