Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Improve The Day With A Mani And A Musical

Today was a pretty disappointing and upsetting day on the job front. However, with what was perfect timing, I had actually set up the day as a little mini, Toronto vacation with my mom. In a surprise, spontaneous email a few months ago, Aunty-Cindy gifted me with tickets to go see The Lion King. So mom came into the city this morning and we went over to James' house to see Ava, who also happens to be Aunty-Cindy's grand-daughter. We then went to Lucy's Nails for mani-pedi's, which is THE best place to go in Toronto. It is also only $25, which is so cheap. The owner is also super charismatic and funny, today she asked, "How are you today and tomorrow?" However, my mom's favourite thing that Lucy ever says is still, "Happy feet!" And it was true, felt good to treat ourselves.

Then, it was off to the theatre after grabbing a quick dinner at home. The Lion King is astounding! It was my third time seeing it and this production still knocked my socks off. The huge opening, with Circle of Life and amazing staging gave me shivers. It was an amazing night, a great way to cheer up after feeling discouraged.

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