Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Way Too Early

I am not known for my punctuality. I actually love rushing to appointments, flights, trains, etc. The threat of lateness is thrilling, my mom says it is an ADD thing. However, the threat of lateness often just turns into actual lateness. So, with my current unemployment and the subsequent job interviews, I am trying really hard to be early.

I went all the way out to Scarborough today for a job interview. The interview was scheduled for 3:00pm, I arrived at 2:10pm. I think that is way too early. I think 2:45pm would have been perfect and that 2:30pm shows that you really were trying, but anything more than half an hour early is just bad.

It was nice to be so early, since I was interviewing where Aimee's sister works and she came down to visit me in the lobby/waiting room. We had a nice catch up while I waited for the people to come get be for the interview. The receptionist called, emailed, and sent instant messages to the main guy listed in my confirmation email.

When no one had come by 3:10pm I suggested contacting the second person listed that would also be at the interview and I looked at the confirmation email again to check the spelling of this second person's name. And that is when I saw it - Tuesday May 27. I was a week early! Now, that is too early!

This was especially a pain since I get very dressed up for interviews and K had made the point of coming over this morning to help me straighten my hair. It looks great but unfortunately there didn't end up being an interview today and I need to go through it all again next week.


Anonymous said...

I have done the exact same thing - was so embarrassing and I had taken the morning off work. Had to have a teacher cover my class for it - two weeks in a row because of my screw up.

Glad to hear you're getting so many interviews!


Nicola Campbell said...

Oh man I have done that for meetings and deadlines too! I stress so much about being late or forgetting about something that I set reminders in my calendar that I mistake for the actual occurrence. Totally embarrassing but at least you weren't late and you know how long it takes :)