Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Maybe Don't Comment

I get notifications in my email about comments on Always Standing. It is nice because it means that readers can comment on posts from years ago and I still get to read them instead of them being lost in the archives. I got an email today that told me someone had commented on my Animated Heros post, which got a lot of comments from friends from way back in January of 2011 when I first posted it. However, I don't think a friend posted this recent comment:

You stupid whores. All you wanna do is fuck animated characters. Make a damn sandwich in the kitchen and stop whoring, you fucking bitch.

Umm, what? How did this person find Always Standing in the first place, and what were they even searching to get the Animated Heros post? It is one of my popular posts according to Google Analytics, but I feel like those who get there are using search words like 'hot Disney characters' or something similar.


Anonymous said...

I added a new comment to the old post just in case he checks back :) I'm assuming it is a dude. It suppose it could have been a chick though.


Sweeton said...

Some weirdos out there and I guess they post on blogs.

Erin said...

It's as if the best their domesticated dream girl can do in the kitchen is make a sandwich. I took a more inspired dump this morning; thankfully not in the kitchen.