Sunday, 6 April 2014

Food And Prices

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

One of my favourite things to do in another country, even when visiting the US, is to go grocery shopping. I love it. I could wander around for hours: different/interesting items are so fun to look at; I like how the packaging is different; I want to see what food is popular; comparing prices is cool; really everything about the experience is great. I mentioned this to my mom and she said Dad loved it to. I think I knew that, I at least knew that he enjoyed it - grocery shopping with him when on vacation was always fun, we were both so happy to be there (both on vacation and in a grocery store.)

Talking with Jason today about our favourite part of the trip so far, I told him it was grocery shopping. He agreed, but then I found out he meant going to the market, while I had meant the few times that we had literally gone into grocery stores. The first day we arrived, after napping, we went with my mom to a local pedestrian street that was lined with food stores that spilled out onto the street. We went to a butchers, and bought fresh produce, and saw cheese shops etc. I also thought this was a fun little excursion. It was great to be led around the neighbourhood by Mom who had obviously become comfortable with it. The market was for locals and we only heard and used French. It was very fun and interesting - a great intro to our week in Paris. (I wouldn't trade the market experience for anything else, but I still like grocery stores a bit more. I wonder where my dad stands on this.)

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Sweeton said...

George liked them both. The market had the bedlam, noise, movement that Mr ADD loved but the grocery store allowed him to wander and price compare and he felt comfortable in a grocery store environment.