Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Plight Of Aging

"In a couple more years I'd give in to corporate coffeehouses, start buying a fudge brownie on the way up the elevator, a muffin at break; I'd get lazy, sleep later, and wake up one day with a solid ball where my  waist used to be. This version of me would read industry magazines and go to trade shows."
 --- from Sushi Daze by Rob Payne

I read this passage on the bus this morning and it really hit home. My morning routine is fairly consistent but it currently exists in a number of different forms: at Rrunuv Bayit, at Rrunuv Bayit with Jason, or at Jason's place. The middle option tends to involve a Timmy's run so that Jason can go and get coffee. On these mornings I have him bring me back an Iced Cappuccino and either a croissant or a chocolate glaze donut or ideally both. Now, every morning I crave the sweet chocolate donut and every evening I look back on my day and realize that I was painfully short on fruits and vegetables. I need to figure out how to have a healthy breakfast that is still fast. Right now the simple answer is - Bananas. 

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