Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Short Workweek

Danielle works for The Provincial Government (Ontario) and posted the following quote to facebook:

"I'm worried about how I am going to fit the 15 minutes of work I actually do into this four-day workweek." - from someecards

I really miss working for the government! I remember times when the Government of Canada (Federal) felt like that. Now I feel much differently about shorter work weeks, especially since I start my holidays this Friday and will be away for over a week. Not enough time to get everything in place so that I feel comfortable leaving it - means getting in earlier and working later.


Sweeton said...

That's life in the real world. (Typed by someone who no longer lives in the real world - retired)

Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling too... having to work overtime the week before vacation so you could actually go on vacation.
Love T

Anonymous said...

I agree with T.