Thursday, 9 May 2013

Life Skills

I am unable to do some really basic everyday things. It isn't a big deal, I have survived thus far without mastering these simple skills. However, I am really jealous of the family and friends who have. I won't make a big deal about it but I am truely impressed with anyone I know who can:

- Cut in a straight line
- Prepare a meal so all the food finishes at the same time
- Text with both thumbs
- Remember peoples names and/or birthdays
- Braid your own hair
- Chug a beer
- Use lip liner well
- Know when someone is 'off side' in hockey or soccer 
- Fold a fitted sheet
- Have more than one book 'on the go' at once
- Light a barbeque
- Fall asleep during a movie
- Understand football
- Drink soda water, ginger ale, or sparkling water
- Pull an 'all nighter'

If any of the above apply to you, please know that I am really envious!


Sweeton said...

tartmta ResacaI can do about half of these things but have to admit I have never thought of "chugging a beer" as a life skill - will have to work on that.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it but I can't do a good portion of this list either! Although I would like to meet the asshat that has figured out how to fold a fitted sheet.
Love T

Anonymous said...

I loved this list. So random, so lovely.

Anonymous said...

ps. a. I wish I could figure out how to not fall asleep during and movie, and b. I think good use of lip liner is pretty much impossible unless done ironically.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I've seen fitted sheets folded, but never seen somebody do it before....something I will never understand. I've funnelled beers before...does that count as chugging? Also wish I could figure out how to not fall asleep during a movie...I can still remember the first time it happened to me and I could no longer say, " I never fall asleep during movies" - it was in first year university in res.

Great list Chris, made me smile :)


Laura Sweeton said...

I can fall asleep during a TV movie:
drink soda water,ginger ale and sparkling water: sometimes I can pull an "all nighter".