Sunday, 12 May 2013

Leafs Game Texts

I watched the game with my roommate at her friend's house - Jason was at his best friend's apartment - Kristen and Noah caught tonight's game at their place; as a result there were some interesting texts being sent throughout the game:
Me: I love Kadri!
Kristen: lol! I love Macarthur. Have you ever heard him speak? He has the ultimate canadian accent
Me: Haha - really? He is so under appreciated
Kristen: I know! I got his back
Noah: Go Kadri!
Me: (I love him!)
Noah: Does Jason know?
Jason: Planetary!
Jason: Planetary!
Jason: Phaneuf!
Jason: Damn it autocorrect
I can't believe we are going to get seven games of Leafs playoff hockey! (Maybe even more...)

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