Tuesday, 26 February 2013

After The Awards

I was very pleased when Jennifer Lawrence got best actress for Silver Linings Playbook, which I saw in the theatre and really enjoyed. However, I was a little disappointed in her speech since she normally says something casual, funny, and pretty interesting. Her speech was fine, but not particularly memorable, though she did fall on her way up to get her Oscar and then when she noted that the audience had given her a standing ovation she told them, "Oh, that is only because I just fell on the stairs, which is embarrassing." I love how genuine she is. Well, she doesn't disappoint after all, check out the following two videos from backstage after the awards:

The Cattle-Call Style Interview:

One On One Interview Interrupted By Jack Nicholson:  

 I love her!


Anonymous said...

I see you're not calling her by her new name, J-Law. Haha when I first heard somebody say that I was like, "who?".

I found all the speeches to be quite bland and unexciting. I wonder if they were screened ahead of time...

- Teri

Anonymous said...

I loved the question "are you worried you peaked too early?" and then she said "Well now I am !"
She is adorable and awesome!
Love T

Sweeton said...

I love how she actually tries to think about how to answer those stupid questions.

Christine Sweeton said...

I love that by doing so she ended up making the interview more of a satire about how stupid those questions are.

Annz said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHA "Do I look like a newww girlfriend???" shit she is gold!!!