Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Two Tired

As aforementioned, I was away in Ottawa this past weekend, and stayed longer than just the weekend since I had Monday off. It was going to be too difficult to bring Two along for the trip so she stayed home. Thankfully Noah and Kristen came in to feed her and give her fresh water. However, she is a very social cat - much more than I am used to - and I think she was really missing human contact. She would not leave me alone last night!! She kept wanting to play Throw. I have mentioned her little version of cat-fetch before, which is basically throwing a toy for her to chase and play with and later on being back to have thrown again. She kept bringing me this large fake mouse toy while I was in bed trying to sleep. Then, when I was ignoring her, or at times actually sleeping, she would touch my face with her paw! I have heard lots of cat owners talk about their cats doing this and I always thought it sounded so cute since I never had a cat who did it. Trust me, it is not cute when it is done repeatedly and in the middle of the night. I am exhausted today!


Anonymous said...

Your right, Two is amazingly social for a cat - now you know, she needs human companionship, she's still a child and needs to play. You'll have to give her lots of attention this evening or she'll do it to you again tonight.

Fae said...

Ghost LOVES to have her paw touching my face when she sleeps. It can be annoying, but mostly I think it's adorable and funny because even if I move a little bit, she stretches her arm to make sure her paw is still touching my face.

I didn't know Two played fetch also! Her and Ghost should get together and play fetch with each other.