Tuesday, 8 January 2013

First Word You See

----- from Facebook

Take note of the first word you see in the image below and share it as a comment.

So as not to influence you, I have included what I saw in the comments for this post.


Christine Sweeton said...

As promised in the post:


Seriously?!? Uhh, after I saw 'Family' I saw so many other ones! Not that family isn't a good word to find but I would have felt cooler if it had been Knowledge, or Love, or Dagus (Is that a word?)

Anonymous said...

Knowledge! I am going to need that during this semester,


Anonymous said...

FAMILY - didn't bother looking for anything else.

Kristen said...

Love! Fitting.

Anonymous said...

At first I found SPMID and was disappointed that it wasn't a word. Then I saw family.
Love, T

Erin said...

Love! <3

Anonymous said...

dagus,though it was not a word then ledge and then knowledge. then family and stopped . dad