Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Resolutions - Blogging

This past year I did not blog very much. On the Left Side Bar you can see that only 187 posts were published, which is almost as few as 2006, the very first year I started Always Standing, and I was only blogging starting from June that year. I always say that I try to blog at least every other day and with 366 days this (leap) year - 187 posts is just that. My resolution then is to BLOG EVERY DAY IN 2013 so that the number beside it reads at least 365 by this time next year. Hopefully this will up my readership, mean more comments, improve my writing, and better document this amazing year that I plan to have.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan. I would recommend that you try to make most of it your own creation. Even if you post material you have found, I prefer to read your comment/reflection on it and that way you showcase your thoughts and your writing style. But I most enjoy your creative writing.

Anonymous said...

I still love sitting down with my coffee in the morning and reading your blog (the only blog I follow by the way). And your youngest reader is only 5 mos old and loves your posts. Keep them coming!
Love T

Christine Sweeton said...

I think we are stretching the term 'reader' here... but Lochlan is just so dang cute I will allow it!