Thursday, 3 January 2013

National? Sleep Day

I heard on the radio this morning that today is National Sleep Day. I looked this up and it appears to be an unofficial holiday - made by who knows. The media (everything from blogs to television news to the radio obviously) will be mentioning this today but I still can't find where is comes from. I feel like someone has to 'make' the holiday, someone with some amount of authority - over an area or a topic. What I have read just keeps saying 'January 3rd has been set aside as National Sleep Day' or 'January 3rd is National Sleep Day' and it is also called The Festival of Sleep. Of note, I can't find mention of this at any level of government in Canada or the USA. Also the American National Sleep Foundation has a National Sleep Foundation Week, but it is in early March. The Canadian Sleep Society doesn't mention anything. I love the idea of a Sleep Day or Festival but I really don't think holidays can just be declared like this. How is it any different than me putting International Day Of The Chris in Steph's Phone Calender? I feel like that might even be better because at least I have some authority over 'The Chris'.


Stephanie Beach said...

FYI the International Day Of The Chris is on July 13, which is a Saturday this year :)

Christine Sweeton said...

And so, as such, let it be written: July 13th - The International Day Of The Chris