Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It Is Harder In Spanish

I have had a personal Twitter account for almost a year now (@SweetonChris) and set up a Twitter Feed for Always Standing right away. Well, a couple of months ago it went away and I have been trying off and on for a few weeks to get it back or set up a new one. It is hard to figure out - just like Twitter was at the start, but I am (literally) a professional at that now. Now I have a strange version of the widget that seems to be Spanish, and I'm not even sure it works correctly. The one that Steph has working for Stephanie Beach Photography's Blog is so nice and I need to find time to talk to her about helping me fix mine, though she uses WordPress now and not Blogger. Keep your eye on the left side of Always Standing to see if my Twitter Feed situation improves, hopefully I will get it all sorted out soon.

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