Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Who Wants A Springform Pan?

Last night, I went to a big warehouse sale for Kitchen Stuff Plus. I love this store! It is like a Winners but for kitchen, bath, and other household products. Even though I don't cook, I still like shopping! Anyway, I was looking for a couple of things for myself and anything that seemed like a good idea for Christmas presents. Well, I found a springform pan, which is something I have been wanting for a while.

For those who don't know (according to Wiki) a springform pan is a type of bakeware that features sides that can be removed from the base. The base and the sides of the pan are separate pieces. The pan is secured by a latch on the exterior of the wall. This tightens the 'belt' that becomes the walls of the pan and secures them into a groove on the base piece.

I assume springform pans have a few purposes, but for me it is a 'cheesecake' pan. Every now and then I think I want to make a cheesecake, which is an expensive endeavor as it is, only to realise that I don't have one of these pans so will be need to go out and get that first. So, now I have one!

The pan was a great deal; it is a high quality brand and was $9.89. However, that wasn't for just one pan, but three! What am I ever going to do with three of these pans? I can barely picture a scenario where I would use two at once, let alone a third. The quality of the pans is quite good and it would make a nice gift for someone, but unless explicitly asked for it would be a really strange Christmas present. Anyone who bakes probably already has one. It is just too random an item to give someone on a whim, even if I knew they were a baker.

I might give one to Mike, since he most likely doesn't have one and he used to like making cheesecakes when he was younger. I also feel that big sisters are allowed to give random gifts.


Hezabelle said...

I don't have a springform pan but I really suck at making cheesecakes...

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you but I think Mike has one, he still occasionally makes his chocolate marble cheesecake if he's going to a pot luck or has a dinner party. I just checked and I have one. This would be an interesting survey of your friends, who does and who doesn't because you are right it has rather a specific job.