Thursday, 18 October 2012

MC & Maid Of Honour

As promised, I am posting a link to the professional photos for Steph and Dave's wedding. You can see them HERE on the photographer's blog. (Also, check out Steph's blog to read about her favourites.) All the phtos are beautifully done! I had no doubts, the engagement/concept shoot was amazing - so, I know that we were in good hands.

When looking through them, note the shot of me writing speeches (MC duty), the sexy picture of an almost kiss with a necklace pull, the one with Teri in the background, and my favourite, the most beautiful picture of Steph getting her earrings put in by her mother. Here is a sweet shot of me tying up Steph's dress (Maid of Honour duty), Steph's sister-in-law is helping me, a flower girl looking on, and Steph's mom is in the background...

Getting Stephanie Ready
Photo Copyright © 2012
By Genevieve Georget/Fifteen:Fifty-One Photography

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