Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Solid Cheese

Work is busy, as usual. The past two days, while administering our TTC program, I have been working on scheduling deliveries and organizing about 50 businesses who are participating in a promotion my office is preparing. All day today I have been muddling my days and messing up what day of the week it was. Luckily this didn't happened when dealing directly with a client but often I would find my self looking at various calenders and charts I was working on confused as to where we were in the week.

All day, I have been thinking that it was Thursday. -- It isn't, it is Wednesday.-- It doesn't even make any sense that my mind would skip ahead a day since I wasn't even at work on Monday. However, it felt like Thursday. Not even in a wishing it was later in the week so that it would be over sooner type of way - just genuinely my body/internal/natural clock seemed to make today Thursday.

I couldn't figure it out. Then I realised that I had made plans a couple of days ago with the guy I am dating to spend the night together, meet up after work and have dinner at The Ex - on Thursday night. Now, I was fully aware that this was happening tomorrow. However, I have been so excited about seeing him again that I am looking forward to it like it is a weekend, making it feel like it is happening on a Friday night. Hence making today feel like Thursday.

I think the phrase behind this sentiment, while quite cheesy, is also poetically beautiful while at the same time romantic in a way that is urban and modern and real.

You are my weekend.

As a side note, yes, I am seeing someone - who for the time being does not have a 'blog name' because his initial has been used in the past and I can't think of a good alternative. We met on eHarmony and even though we have stuck to weekdays, he is the first person  in a long while that I would consider worth having a date with on a weekend. I really do enjoy him, as, especially in the summer, weekends are golden times that I had yet to feel a guy was worthy of.

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