Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tips For My Twitter

For all those that read Always Standing but don't use Twitter, you may have been curious or confused about the little Twitter-Feed that appears on the left side of the blog - Twitter Updates. It shows the last 4 or so posts that I have made on my personal Twitter. (Though if you have Twitter, please also follow my professional account as well.) I guess my suggestion would be that after catching up on the posts on Always Standing, you can click on the "Follow me on Twitter," that is in small print below all the updates, to go to my profile page and catch up on the smaller updates there.

The feed provided on Always Standing actually doesn't capture everything. For example, at the moment the top Tweet is "We literally could not be closer! @justintetreault and home plate #gojaysgo" which is a post I made last night about the baseball game I went to with J (if you click the link, there is also a picture.) However, on my Twitter page the first Tweet showing is one written by J (about the same game, with a different but similar picture) that I reTweeted, "At the @BlueJays game with @SweetonChris Great seats." Often reTweets don't show up on the Always Standing list.

My suggestion - click that little link at the bottom of that list (the only link that works actually, despite other things looking like links) to catch up on my 140 character Twitter posts.

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