Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Missing An 'R' For 3 Months

A guy mentioned to me on the phone today that 'coordinator' was misspelt in my email signature. He actually said, "I didn't want to say this in an email, but I noticed a typo in your email signature. Coordinator is spelled incorrectly." I don't really know why that is something that you wouldn't want to email someone about. However, the main thing is that I have had this signature for almost 4 months now! How has no one caught it? Me, my boss, the thousands and thousands of people I have emailed since I last updated it? Seriously!! It is on the first line of my email signature, in a huge font. Admittedly my email signature is really long, it contains a lot of information including the Twitter feed, and website, and Facebook ID, and address, and a tag line, and on and on but still, it starts with "Christine Sweeton, Coordinator." Well, now it does; previously it said, "Christine Sweeton, Coodinator."


Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone figured that you are a "coodinator", some new job title exclusively for those who "cood". No one wanted to admit that they had never heard of this title and that they were therefore not up to date. I think you should run with it - stick to being a "coodinator"

Anonymous said...

Ya, maybe they thought it was some new trendy Liberty Village-invented title :)