Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where's The Docket?

Since BIAs are a strange cross between municipal government and not-for-profits there are similarities to my work with the Federal Government. There are also a whole series of new strange, funny, and annoying things. Watching this video made me think back to all those years - at Health Canada, Natural Resources, and Justice. It made me laugh but also made me miss it. The main thing I miss is the people. I met some amazing people through my work with The Government of Canada and many ended up turning into friends outside of work which has been great. For the most part they all still live in Ottawa and it is the hardest part about living in Toronto - I miss my friends in Ottawa terribly.

Might just be funny if you are/were one... Definitely funny 'cause it's true!

Sh*t Bureaucrats Say

Gotta love the public service!!!


Stephanie Beach said...

Or it's just freaking hilarious because you work with the government all the time!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. When the little girl at the end was going through all the acronyms...I knew almost every one of them.


Erin said...

"That competition was so unfair! Are you a PM-05?" Haha