Thursday, 22 March 2012


So, I signed up for 3 months on eHarmony, which are drawing to a close. Unfortunatly (for extensive eHarmony use but fortunatly in general), I met J really early on so have had an inactive profile for most of that time. I want to be sure they don't charge my credit card for an extra 4th month so set about closing down my account. It was a hilarious and almost upsetting experience. Here is what one of the pages read:

You are about to close your account. This will permanently close all of your existing matches, and disable the My Matches page.

If you are closing your account because you've met a special person to share your life, on eHarmony or elsewhere, congratulations. If you haven't yet made that connection, I'd like you to consider the following points:

-Research shows only 1 in 4 American marriages are actually happy.
-Choosing the right mate is the KEY to creating a compatible, loving relationship.
-Finding a soul mate on your own and knowing if you're really compatible has never been more confusing or difficult.

-eHarmony's proven method of selecting compatible matches has helped create thousands of happy, successful relationships.

There are two additional, important points you should know as you search for a special relationship:

First, if you haven't experienced the success you anticipated with eHarmony, there are probably adjustments that can be made to your account to help make your experience more productive. But in order to help, we need to know what's wrong.
Please click on this link and share your problem with us, we can work with you to improve your results.

Lastly, we really care about your success. There are thousands of online dating services that will offer up hundreds of "matches" based on little more than your favorite hobby. Our goal is completely different. We're helping you find someone to live with and love FOREVER! We think it is important that people are matched for the right reasons and we want to see you benefit from our approach, as so many others have.
eHarmony isn't magic. But every day we're working to address the needs of our members. Chances are we can make eHarmony work for you.

It did work! I don't know about live with and love FOREVER! As that is a scary thought in general, even more so with the capitals. However, J is great and I'm really happy to have met him.

Thank you eHarmony, sorry we had to have such an aggressive farewell...

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