Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Morning On The Bus

I decided to take an early bus to travel home since my parents had plans this evening and needed to pick me up before 5:30. The 9:30am bus which I was planning to take got into Brantford at 6pm, so I opted for the 7:00am bus instead.

Here is what it was like:
5:00-5:30--Alarm goes off, repeatedly, due to lots of snooze button pressing. (Sounds like a rooster since I prefer that to waking with the radio.)
5:30-6:00--Wander around, eyes practically glued shut with sleep. (Even though I had only slept for about 3 hours.) Packed backpack, brushed teeth, etc.
6:00-6:30--Road #7 OC Transpo bus to the Greyhound terminal, was the only one on it for quite a ways.
6:30-7:00--Bought Greyhound ticket, waited for bus.
7:00-11:00--On bus, passed right out. (Complete with waking up to a crick in my neck and a bit of drool on my shoulder.)
11:00-12:00--Nice drive into Toronto from Ajax through Scarborough. (Bit of traffic on the Don Valley Parkway.) I really find TO's architecture and general vibe very exciting.
12:00-1:00--Hung out at the Toronto Greyhound terminal. Read. Talked a bit to my dad on the payphone. (His work has a 1-800 number.)
1:00-3:00--Took the local Greyhound bus from Toronto to Brantford, going through Hamilton. Wasn't able to sleep. Boringist drive ever! Hamilton is not a pretty or exciting city.
3:00--Mom picked me up. I'm glad to be back down here, I think it is going to be a very pleasent and relaxing time at home/cottage.

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