Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ice Skating

Last night, Jer, Linds, and I went skating for the first time this year. The canal isn't open yet so we went to Brewer Park and didn't stay out very long. I realised that my skates very very very much needed sharpening again this year. I always forget that you have to do it every year because I don't get my snowboard done every year and it is fine. Today I took Jer and mine skates into the Home Hardware in the Glebe (for those of you in Ottawa) and it was only $5 for a pair, which is really good. Last year I had to get it done in New York City and it was something crazy like $20 US. The year before I had got it done at Carleton's Ice House and I think it was $15, so Glebe Hardware is a good deal!

Now I have the Ice Skating Song in my head....Ice skating is nice skating, but here's some advice about ice skating, never skate where the ice is thin, thin ice can crack and you'll fall right in, and come out with icicles under your chin, if you skate where the ice is thin....I don't really know where that song is from. Maybe it is from Girl Guides or school when I was little, I can't really remember.


Curly Jenn said...

I would like to hear you sing that song. For real.

Anonymous said...

I remember that song from growing up in The Bronx,NY in the 40s. There are 2 others that I remember:
Remember Your Name and Address

Let the Ball Roll

After 50+ years I can still hear them in my head.


steve(thelil) said...

I grew up in Manhattan in the 50's. I went to kindergarten in 1958-59

I still remember my kindergarten songs:
-Ice Skating
-I want to talk to Cloverbloom said Buttercup one day....
-Play Ball

RachelMM said...

I looked all over for that song--it was also a childhood memory for me. I decided to record it down for posterity. So many great memories.


Anonymous said...

I was just googling that ice skating song and found you guys talking about it. I just found out what it is from. It is Frank Luther, "songs of safety" I found it free online but it's not downloading, but there is a guy who sells vintage children's vinyl, just for people like us who want to hear these songs again and remember ALL of the lyrics.
I'm originally from NY too. I was born in "58, but we had some old albums. Do you remember Jim Copp Tales? He was amazing. We still recite Miss Goggins.Raga ruga raga said the gorilla and he came suddenly crashing through the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We SHALL SING!!!

Ephesians two:eight-nine said...

Does anyone remember the song about the shopping Giraffe?
Apples tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, cake and potatoes a can of peas, raisins and currents, a bag of cranberries, honey and jam and a box of strawberries...? Please tell me if you know what it is from, thanks!!! Cacopygeon Avociferous-Calicephalus