Monday, 18 January 2010

Caving To The Corporation

Today I bought a Chapters iRewards Card. I am not impressed. I resisted this for so long, I never buy cards for rewards programs. (Airmiles is free, and even with that I have been too lazy to get my own so still use my parents to help them out.) I also am not a big Chapters person, since I don't really like owning books. I almost always sold back the ones I had to get for school and in general I use the library. I love libraries!! However, over the last few months, with Christmas, getting myself travel books, etc., I have spent a fortune at Chapters buying books and such. It was time, I hate to admit it, but I really do shop at Chapters enough to justify it. It is normally $25, but there was $10 off my purchase today if I got it, so basically it was $15. I hope it pays for itself over the next year.


Stephanie said...

I love how your money label is literally just $. :)
And I will keep this Chapters card in mind if I ever think of buying from them instead of amazon.

Teri said...

Whoa, you are addicted to Chapters! I also hate the reward cards they make you pay for.

Faebala said...

I work at a Barnes & Noble, where our "rewards" cards are also a $25 year long membership. You definitely have to shop enough to justify it, I'm just happy that at the bottom of this post you understood the concept that by saving $10 on your purchase you're not actually paying a full $25 for the card.

You've no idea how hard it is for some customers to grasp that concept. They hear "$25" and get stuck on that, it doesn't even matter if I tell them they'd be saving $26 dollars today so I'd be paying them a dollar back to sign up. They still refuse.

I even had a lady buy a Rosetta stone from us and she would have saved $75 with the membership. So I told her to sign up, and she's like, "But it costs $25." So I tried to explain to her that she'd actually be getting $50 back and not paying anything out of her pocket. And she refused because she thought I was trying to scam her. Strange, strange people.

That was my mini rant. Hope your Chapters card proves worthwhile.

Kristen said...

Welcome to the good life, where full-priced books do not exist! Although you should have bought it from me!!! Enjoy your card, it will be worth it!

Curly Jenn said...

I love my Chapters card and totally get good use out of it.