Friday, 18 December 2009

A Table For Twelve

Last night Jerrica cooked a Christmas dinner, complete with a huge turkey. We piled 12 people into our apartment and made a long table so everyone could sit together. She had us come dressed up, since she had recently noticed that there really aren’t any events that we dress up for. It was amazing, everyone looked so good. The food was obviously the best part, and I got to have more of it for lunch today. The company would be the second best thing about the evening and I’m sad that we didn’t take a picture of everyone sitting at the table. Steph was taking pictures throughout the night so we did document it. I’m sure they will show up on one of her blogs but I wish I had remembered to ask her to setup a big table shot with a timer so as to have one with everyone in it. Really was a great night.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun, I will check out Stephs blogs to see if there are any pics.

Stephanie said...

yep definitely should have taken a group shot - I even had my remotes for the big camera. darn it.