Monday, 21 December 2009


Thanks to Tyra Banks, the world has a new verb "smizing" which means "to smile with your eyes." This was on the last season of ANTM and everyone thought it was hilarious, Tyra is awesome. Yes, I am smizing in this picture, taken by Steph as part of her Algonquin assignment.


Anonymous said...

You totally are smizing! Looks awesome! :)


ANTM Jenn said...

Tyra would be SO PROUD. Miss J would be even PROUDER. I am the PROUDEST.

SM said...

I accidentally stumbled onto this blog! great smizing!

Annz said...

It's a pretty awesome verb.
Also, agree with Erin, you look fabulous!

JJ said...

Love the pic although whenever I hear smize my inner Regina King (from Mean Girls) comes out. I wanna say "Stop trying to make 'smize' happen Tyra!".

Happy New Year!! You know mine was definitely happy.