Friday, 20 November 2009

Enhances Energy & Helps Alleviate Fatigue

I got these herbal energy pills from my mom when I was last down for a visit. Since it contains B12, which I have been instructed by my doctor to take daily, we thought that this might be a good pill to try. On the front of the bottle is says Swiss Natural Sources, Solutions, Energy, With Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin B12 & Guarana. Seeing that I have never heard of the last thing, and that ginseng has a tendency to mess with other drugs we also thought it was a good idea to check with my doctor about it. (Siberian Ginseng sounds super cool though.) Anyway, this morning my doctor nix it saying that since it only contained 500mg of B12, and I need at least 1000mg, I would have to take two. The reason I shouldn't take two is that this Guarana thing has 22% caffeine and also in the small print it tells you that it contains Green Tea (not mentioned on the front I might remind you) which has 8% caffeine. She doesn't think it is a good idea to have that much caffeine. Basically this is a caffeine pill masking as a herbal supplement. I am going to choose to ignore my doctors advice for the next few weeks because I have tons of papers and presentations due and could really use the caffeine. I don't like coffee or tea and pop or chocolate are a bad choice. I think this will work out well to get my caffeine intake, especially since I won't be compounding it with any other caffeine sources. Now before you start lecturing me on ignoring professional medical advice or the dangers of caffeine pills, herbal or otherwise, I want you to think about your own use of the drug. What is your coffee, tea, or pop intake look like daily?


Stephanie said...

Yay!! I get to lecture you because I don't drink/eat caffeine!

I'm not going to though since it's a crazy amount of caffeine and I am almost certain you won't like being that stimulated and will stop shortly after you start.

Faebala said...

I drink a ton of iced tea, but I'm not a coffee person and very rarely pop. (Btw, I'm so glad you actually call it pop and not soda.)

One time I tried to take pills that contained a lot of green tea and I had a weird skin reaction - so I immediately stopped. Now I'm afraid to even drink green tea.

Erin said...

Before I read that you were ignoring your doctor I was thinking, "she should just take them anyway".

I don't really drink that much caffeine anymore, though we all know I was uber addicted to it when I worked near a place I could get it. I kind of want to go and get this energy pill.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just go easy on it.

jennifer.blodgett said...

I am 100% going to lecture you about this since the only caffeine I ever consume is MAYBE one green tea 3 times a week. DON'T TAKE THEM! (See, with the yelling.)