Sunday, 22 November 2009

Different Tastes

Christine's Favourite
By Stephanie Beach

This picture is also from the Algonquin College photoshoot with Steph. I gather she took over 600 photos which have been edited down to about 250. Then she has 6 or 7 polished ones that she submitted for the assignment. I have been seeing them in drips and drabs and will eventually get the whole folder from her. When I saw this one I couldn't believe it. I love it so much. (It is already my Facebook Profile picture, and I never change that.) Steph wrote on her Photo Blog (see link on right) that her favourite picture from the shoot is the one I posted a few days ago but I like this one way more. There also is a really nice one with me and a tripod. I'm so looking forward to having the lot of them.


Stephanie said...

I really am glad you have liked them so far. I was nervous that you might not - though I showed them to you on the camera and you thought they were good enough but they are tiny then and you never know how they will look on the actual screen.
Anyway, I am working on getting the lot of them jpeg'ed for you so that you can use them as you wish :) I have a list of photos to get through though - Justin's Halloween photos, Thanksgiving photos for the Konings and these. Plus I will have another assignment given soon enough and then of course the portfolio at the end of the course - which I have already started. Oh my - perhaps I should go work on some of those now.

JJ said...


Anonymous said...

"having the lot of them" sounds very British. Just connecting this blog entry to the next one :)