Monday, 16 November 2009

Don't Ask Me How

Late last night I put a load of laundry into the washing machine, it was a Red Load, not that it matters. This morning I went to go and move it into the dryer. After taking all the clothes out of the washer I noticed something at the bottom of the machine. Somehow I had washed one of our cordless phones. I have no idea how it ended up in my laundry basket and how I didn't notice it going into the washing machine. Anyway, it looked ok, though the screen was a little bubbled from being washed. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't, so I thought the water had completely broken it. Taking the phone over to the charger and putting it in, the red 'charging' light came on. Maybe the washing didn't wreak it and the battery is just low. I guess I will find out when I get home tonight.


Erin said...

Hahahaha oh Chrissie-Poo. I wish I could have been there to see that.

Anonymous said...

noooooooo! you should not have put it in the charger! When electronics like that get wet they need to be left to dry out before electricity is reapplied to them. The electric current goes through the water in them and essentially fries them.
I could be wrong, maybe you'll be lucky.
here's hoping

Deborah said...

Very funny! Reminds of a time when I turned on the dryer after having left damp clothes in there for way too long, door ajar. A great thumping noise ensued and when the door was quickly re-opened, a stunned and startled cat leapt out.

Stephanie said...

Haha - that's marvelous!!