Friday, 9 October 2009

Time Management Games

I really love Time Management Games. It is the strangest style of computer games but basically it is what it sounds like. They are similar to simulation games but there is a higher emphases on speed. Usually it is some type of shop scenario; a restaurant, spa, salon, bar, florist, bake shop, etc. I first found the genre with Diner Dash, which is still a classic. I have since rediscovered it with Sally's Spa and Sally's Salon. (See picture Right.) I actually got into them again because Lindz just got a new iPod Touch and I found Sally's Spa for that and it is amazing. Actually inspired a deep desire to get an iPod Touch or even, dare I say it, an iPhone. I digress. Anyway, I wonder if these games are enjoyed more by girls since they all have very girly themes. What does that say about what women find enjoyable? They are pretty hard to find online to play, you usually have to download a free demo which only lasts an hour or so. I keep being tempted to just pay for a full version of one. They are just so much fun, despite sounding so very lame.


Anonymous said...

I am coming to the conclusion that the internet is an unlimited source of addiction and procrastination. Ironic that these are called Time Management Games as they can totally screw up peoples time management.
Sorry, that was a rather negative post. I also recognize that they're fun and when there's lots of reading and studying and writing to do, a little brainless fun is needed.

Stephanie said...

I just downloaded Diner Dash, Cooking (and the second version of it) as well as wedding planner (diner dash but weddings) and some farm game. All time management games and I absolutely love them!!