Friday, 9 October 2009

Poetic Thanksgiving

I am leaving tonight for a little trip to Halifax for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm going with Anna and staying at her parents. This is a much needed Anna visit since she now lives in Montreal and it is harder to stay in touch. I was so much easier when she worked full time on campus! I am also going to see Little Brother Mike who is out there training, something to do with scuba diving or blowing things up or both together or something. As everyone knows I miss him terribly and love him so much, can't wait for the visit!! I want to keep the blog going since I really don't like to take long breaks from it. So, I thought I might write you some poems for the holiday! Stay Tuned. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy, have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will miss you both and am envious of the fun weekend you have lined up.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Ditto, I'm stuck doing work today. Have a great one Chris :)